Welcome Home!

At MyHomeSuiteHome Premium Rental Properties we take pride in providing you with a first class property rental experience! Whether it's lakeside living you're after, or simply the joy of living in a classy boutique building, you've come to the right place.

We take pride in running upscale, clean, and efficient buildings that cater to those enjoy the finer things in life! Relax, knowing you live in a building that is well maintained and things done right the first time. Take a tour of our website to see the difference a MyHomeSuiteHome Premium Rental Property makes.

We love bringing out the best in people and in things. For us, real estate provides a great opportunity to do both. Our goal is to continue to acquire buildings in premium areas that have previously been poorly managed and run.

We enjoy the challenge of transforming these buildings and creating environments where people enjoy to live and are proud to call home.

Cindi has been a member of our team since 2007. In her role as General Manager, Cindi is responsible for behind the scenes management and operations of our residential properties in the GTA and works closely with Geoff, our Vice President of Operations to ensure that we are maintaining our properties and tenant relations at the highest standard.

With more than ten years of management experience, Cindi has managed various properties, has strong administrative and accounting skills, a thorough knowledge of construction and contracts and has excellent communication skills. Some of Cindi’s responsibilities include administrative support, maintaining rent roll and lease data, preparing property budgets, and overseeing tenant relations.

As Vice President of Operations of the My Home Suite Home team, Geoff will be working closely with Cindi in the management of the properties, as well as undertaking the majority of the day to day responsibilities of maintenance and repairs arounds the buildings.

Geoff comes to us from the jewellery industry where he worked as a head gemmologist and office manager in the wholesale sector. Geoff is hard working, personable, trust-worthy and has a keen eye for detail.

Greg is a hard working member of the My Home Suite Home Team. He can be seen working at various repair and improvement projects at our properties in the GTA.

Although retiring after 4 years as general manager to take a teaching job, we are happy to announce that Tim has agreed to consult as our technical and construction advisor.

The owners take pride in the property, updating and maintaining all areas indoors and outdoors and having affordable high efficiency laundry in the building has been a bonus!

- Viola C.